What we are



The Garden started by a few folk having a chat about how there can be a space for people in the community to relax and socialise with out being inside and without being on the beach.


So a kind man gave the community the use of a piece of unused land, and the whole community got involved, clearing the space, removing the waste and having a lot of fun doing it. Some people came every day for hours and some came once for 30 min but everything is excellent and that is the idea.


Come when you can and if you want, spend days, weeks and years sitting on the bench and taking it all in. If you would like to come to the Garden, the gate is always open. There is no ownership. It's yours. If you feel like doing a few things around the Garden and no one is around, give us a call. If you cannot get through, plant some flowers, do some weeding, water the flowers whatever you feel. Everyone wants you to enjoy the space. Pick an apple or berry and feel the good vibrations.






Each Tuesday in the summer we have a open day in the Field, a large 3 acre field on the top of a windy hill in Moy where we do most of the growing. Here, we use old techniques to grow organic produce, to teach people how to do it for themselves and to feed some of the community the fresh produce they need.  


Last year we grew 86 varieties of fruit and vegetables including 26 varieties of potatoes. We grow everything from seed and where we can, we save our own. The produce that is generated we distribute to the people that contribute. If you help for a day, you will be fed, educated and welcomed with open arms. If we have an abundance of produce, it is donated to a produce table in the Moy Hill Community Garden. It is placed on the table on Friday mornings at around 10am. There is a donation box if you feel like contributing to the running costs of the project. 


We operate on a purely natural and organic system: seaweed, manure, hard work and love go into the soil. We plough the land with horses and weed by hand. We welcome any advice and expertise as we are constantly learning and evolving. 


OUR Blog ANd facebook have regular updates so check in to see the latest news


Farm day

Every Tuesday MARCH - NOVEMBER 



community cook-up

 Every Friday 

(6pm at the Community Garden in Moy village. Please park at church)


garden day 

Every Saturday 

(10-4 at the Community Garden in Moy. Please park at the church)


So excited to have Native Oak coming to the Growing sessions, we have long been in contact with Adam. Last spring Adam shaved his world famous beard and donated the money he raised to the Community Garden. A mellow evening with fresh and hot soup and cakes with produce from the Growing Farm. Bring blankets, cushions and a bottle of wine if you like for a evening of atmospheric sounds. 


For more information Call Matt on 0877059979

or email moyhillcommunitygarden@gmail.com   

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