Each Tuesday in the summer we have a open day in the Field, a large 3 acre field on the top of a windy hill in Moy where we do most of the growing. Here, we use old techniques to grow organic produce, to teach people how to do it for themselves and to feed some of the community the fresh produce they need.  


Last year we grew 86 varieties of fruit and vegetables including 26 varieties of potatoes. We grow everything from seed and where we can, we save our own. The produce that is generated we distribute to the people that contribute. If you help for a day, you will be fed, educated and welcomed with open arms. If we have an abundance of produce, it is donated to a produce table in the Moy Hill Community Garden. It is placed on the table on Friday mornings at around 10am. There is a donation box if you feel like contributing to the running costs of the project. 


We operate on a purely natural and organic system: seaweed, manure, hard work and love go into the soil. We plough the land with horses and weed by hand. We welcome any advice and expertise as we are constantly learning and evolving.